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“From Mid-Level Employee to Director (and a $65k Salary Bump) in Less than 6 Months.”

Discover The Bestselling Method 1,000s Have Used to Make an Impact, Build Strong Teams, and Go Further in their Careers as Dynamic Corporate Leaders

Brandon Dohman is a leadership expert who has helped 1,000s of people around the world make an impact in their organizations, get recognized for their leadership, and land dream roles at companies like Google, Facebook, Wolfram, State Farm, Tesla, Uber, SpaceX, and many others because of their Dynamic Leadership ability.

The leadership method you’ll discover inside his bestselling book, The Dynamic Corporate Leader Method, will show you why leadership has nothing to do with your job title, role at an organization, or even your personality style. He’ll reveal that leadership isn’t about how much charisma you have or even your ability to generate enthusiasm and motivate others. 

Instead, you’ll discover a counterintuitive approach to taking ownership and control over your own future, and as you do, you’ll uncover hidden leadership opportunities waiting for your unique personality and skills.
You’ll Be Able to Create Your Own Opportunities for Leadership – EXACTLY What Organizations Are Looking For Right Now
Brandon will show you how to create your OWN initiatives for leadership and advancement while working smarter and working less to get recognized as someone who makes an impact. 

Following the three steps in The Dynamic Corporate Leader Method, you’ll learn how to become the type of leader who can find new ways to adapt, win, and hit goals that today’s CEOs, executives, and business owners are looking for.  

PLUS, you’ll begin to master the mindset and team-building skills you’ll need to become an invaluable asset in any organization. More of your coworkers will follow your lead. You’ll improve your ability to communicate, get “buy-in,” and build a network that has your back. And you’ll learn how to become the person others will follow toward any objective…without having to spend long hours at the office. 

When you order the book right now for just $5.00, you’ll get the complete guide to becoming the Dynamic Corporate Leader organizations are looking for right now. You’ll immediately download the book, the audiobook, and the exclusive bonus leadership workshops that come with your order today.

An Important Message for Leaders, Managers, New Hires, and Career-Focused Corporate Employees

From Brandon Dohman
Corporate Leadership Expert
If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m going to tell you now before it’s too late:

🛑  No one is going to hand you a leadership opportunity or a chance to “prove yourself” and move up the corporate ladder

🛑  No one is going hand you a dream role or look at a resume that doesn’t already have leadership experience and say, “They’d make a great leader…”

🛑  No one is going to follow you just because you’re a hard worker, and you certainly won’t be prompted because you put in the long hours…

You won’t become a leader (or get rewarded with the position you deserve) until you PROVE that you can take ownership and make an impact in an organization. 

You have to make an impact FIRST. 

You have to take ownership FIRST.
For Most, It’s Hard to Be a Leader When You Don’t Have a Leadership Role Yet. For You? It Will Be Second Nature.
Reality check: 

Until you get recognized as someone who can take ownership, create, and follow through on initiatives that make a difference and hit the goals of your organization, you’re going to stay stuck right where you are. 

Especially in today’s world with AI taking over, cost cutting on the horizon, and those who have management and leadership positions doing everything they can to keep everyone else out.

For the generations before us who were part of an ever-expanding corporate workforce, opportunities were handed out left and right.

That’s why one of the ONLY ways you have left to become a leader, to get ahead, to land a dream role or a promotion is to…
Start Creating Your Own Opportunities to Lead, Make an Impact, and Get Recognized
☝️ That’s what I want to show you how to do inside of my book, The Dynamic Corporate Leader Method. 

I’ll show you how to start doing this by taking ownership.

And I don’t mean ownership in the sense of, “I own this project, I am responsible
for seeing it completed.”

I mean taking on the type of responsibility that gains the respect of your coworkers, your team (if you have one to lead right now), of the other people around you and getting them to “buy in” to who you are.

This is the first step toward creating your OWN opportunities for leadership and advancement. You can start doing it, learning it, and practicing it, NO matter what your role is right now. The truth is: 
This is What College Didn’t Teach You About Leadership, Making an Impact, and Getting Promoted
There are very few people out there tacting the skills and tools that it takes to take control of your future as a leader. 

No one teaches us how to take ownership, how to have the empathy for others required for success, how to set our ego aside, how to build a “why” that others–even your boss, their boss, or the person on the other side of the phone when you’re interviewing–can buy into with you. 

We’re told we have to put in the hours. We’re told we have to learn skills. In some cases, we’re told to become people we’re simply NOT (good news! You don’t have to change who you are to become a leader).
But the Reality is Working Harder Will ONLY Keep You Where You Are
My perspective on the corporate world comes from my personal experience navigating it. 

I went from mid-level employee to director in less than 6 months, increased my salary by $65,000, and became the top 1% rated leader in a 30,000-employee corporation.

Now I work less than 40 hours a week and get off work in time to pick up my son from school.

But it wasn’t always like that.

In the beginning, I used to be like you. 

Before I found my footing. Before I uncovered the REAL reason people were promoted ahead of me, I was stuck in my career.

I was right out of college, eager to put my newfound skills to use and hopefully pay off this massive mountain of student debt before my grandkids were ready for college. 

I quickly joined the rat race with a mid-level position, decent pay, and lots of room to move up.

I was lucky, considering a lot of my friends struggled to find work. Many of them are competing for the same pool of rapidly shrinking jobs.

Friends quickly became the competition.

It’s even tougher now. Especially after remote work blew up and with AI everywhere. 

The competition is now global for the same mid-level dead-end position. Mid-level positions are easily farmed out for the lowest pay to the hardest worker.

And AI is on the horizon to take even the hardest workers out of the equation.
Why 60 - 80 Hour Weeks Navigating the Corporate B.S. Doesn’t Work…
Getting recognition for hard work, moving up, and making more money was a totally different rat maze than I thought…

So, like everyone else, I put my head down and placed my nose against that grindstone.

I put in the time. 

I did the work.

I even did the work my bosses piled on top of the work I had yet to complete. But I did. I did it with a smile that hurt my face. But to keep up with all the extra workload, I started going into work early and leaving later.

Do you know the feeling? If you’re doing this too, it’s time to STOP and instead…
Take Ownership of Your Role, Your Future, and Your Impact
You can’t rely on your boss to plan your future for you. They do have a plan for you…but that plan is obviously not the same as yours. 

Instead, you need to start creating your own opportunities to make an impact in your organization and be a leader. 

I’ll show you how inside my book, The Dynamic Corporate Leader Method. This is the method I’ve used to personally help 100s of corporate employees secure high-paying leadership positions and salary bumps at many of the most prestigious companies in the world. 

It guides you through a 3-step process that puts YOU in control of your role and your future while showing you how to become the dynamic leader that today’s CEOs and organizations are looking for.

The Dynamic Corporate Leader Method

How Managers, Corporate Leaders, and Even Brand New Hires are Making an Impact, Inspiring Others, and “Climbing the Ladder” FAST by Becoming Dynamic Corporate Leaders
The Audiobook is Included with Your Order Today.

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Discover how to get immediate recognition from your boss, peers, and company leaders by using the Dynamic Corporate Leader framework to take ownership of projects, tasks, and everything you do. 

Try the simple, repeatable way to make connections that you’ll learn inside this book (just copy the blueprints I’ll give you and follow the sample scenarios), and you can start having amazing conversations with anyone. 

Use the formulas inside this book to “win over” any co-worker, boss, or senior leader and have them following YOU as a leader. 

Go from individual contributor to a leadership role in just 6 months or even less using the step-by-step framework for building a following in your organization and making a huge impact when it comes to the metrics that matter for advancement.

See why almost every boss and HR department lies about “how to get ahead” including the exact Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) they’re really looking for when it comes to promotion and salary increases. 

Get the formula 99% of corporates use to evaluate people for promotions and use it like a checklist, rapidly ticking the “boxes” your bosses are secretly looking for you to check (they’re not telling you about a lot of these). 

Get 10x done at work without living at the office while actually freeing up about 40% of your work week (I’ll show you how to build a team that’s passionate about helping you succeed…this works even if you’re not in a leadership role yet). 

And much much more, including why being your TRUE SELF at work is the best thing you can do for your career. 
The Audiobook is Included with Your Order Today.

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Here’s What People Are Saying About The Dynamic Corporate Leader Method

“Helped people excel at places like Google, Adobe and State Farm”
“Leaves an Impact”
“Completely unique and engaging”
“I learned more in my time with Brandon than I had at any other point in my career.”
“I Recommend to Anyone Looking to Grow”
The Audiobook is Included with Your Order Today.

365 Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside 
of this Book:

Section 1: Mindset

Take these Steps to Connect with More People and Grow a Dedicated Following in Any Workplace
  • Leadership Lesson #1: Toward a New Definition of “Leader” and what almost everyone gets wrong about what a leader actually is (HINT: You only need one thing to be a leader…find out on p. 5). 
  • Leadership Lesson #2: 5 Things Every Leader “Needs” (Except They Don’t) - Most people think that a leader should have at least one, two, or all of these qualities (you’ll see these in almost every “leadership” Google Search). I’ll show you why they don’t matter…Steve Jobs is a good example (p. 6).
  • Leadership Lesson #3: The Principle Holding Most Leaders Back including the misconceptions about leadership that you’ll need to abandon in order to gain followers in the workplace. 
  • Leadership Lesson #4: Why Job Titles Don’t Make Leaders - Think about it: when was the last time you had a horrible boss? That person was in a leadership “position,” but were they a great leader? 
  • Leadership Lesson #5: Try this “Perception Flip” to transform the way you view and react to problems, solutions, and people in the workplace. The new perception you’ll learn is why most people seek out leaders to follow (p. 11).
  • Leadership Lesson #6: AVOID AT ALL COSTS: The #1 “Career Killer” - If you fall into this bad leadership habit, you risk halting career advancement for good and you’ll have to switch organizations to move up (p. 12).
  • Leadership Lesson #7: If Your Team Has Trouble Completing Tasks Correctly you can try the method you’ll learn starting in Chapter 1 and watch as coworkers pay closer attention to guidelines you provide and do their best to match or exceed them. 
  • Leadership Lesson #8: Do This IMMEDIATELY to Separate Yourself from Your Peers - In Chapter 1, I’ll show you a technique you can use to take ownership of any project or task that builds respect among your peers (while getting the attention of C-Suite decision makers). 
  • Leadership Lesson #9: The Most OVERUSED Attribute of “Leaders” - In Chapter 2, I’ll show you how to re-think empathy (because most leadership guides get it wrong). 
  • Leadership Lesson #10: 8 Practice Scenarios for Developing Your Leadership Ability that you’ll follow along with so that you can practice your leadership skills “hands on” before applying them at work.  
  • ​Leadership Lesson #11: Most People Only Do This When They Need Something - You’ll need to learn how to do it every day (even when you don’t need anything). Borrow the cues in Chapter 2 so you can make this a habit and stand out among your peers. 
  • Leadership Lesson #12: Borrow this Tool for Better Conversations so that you can make anyone feel like they’re being heard, you’re listening, and that you genuinely care about them (example exercise on p.25…use in any conversation).
  • ​Leadership Lesson #13: Negative Ego Traits to Get Rid Of - I’ll show you how to identify the personality traits holding you back and eliminate them (it’s easier than you think and not a long process…you can do it overnight). 
  • Leadership Lesson #14: 95% of Your Actions As a Leader Will Be Because of This: Don’t skip the lesson in Chapter 4 that will make acting like a leader second-nature (you won’t even need to think about it). 
  • ​And much, much more as you get the tools you need and the steps you’ll follow to create connections with coworkers and build a workplace following that will make you seen as a leader. 

Section 2: Working Smarter

How to Maximize the Impact You Have in Your Organization and Get Recognized
  • Leadership Lesson #15: This Formula “Wins Over” CEOs & Stakeholders - If you’d like to start getting more recognition for your work, borrow the formula on p.49 to become more valuable to your organization. 
  • Leadership Lesson #16: How to Turn the Role You Already Have into a Leadership Role using a simple strategy that turns any job or title into a leadership position (PLUS: how to keep the same work but get paid like a leader). 
  • ​Leadership Lesson #17: When “Network & Meet New People” is a Bad Idea - If you’re trying to get more exposure and more opportunities by networking, STOP and skip to chapter 6. 
  • Leadership Lesson #18: Do This to Instantly Free Up 40% of Your Workweek and why it doesn’t even take 40 hours a week to get recognized and promoted because of your leadership ability. 
  • Leadership Lesson #19: Borrow this “BULLSHIT” Meter - Ready to separate the time consuming (and often useless) bullshit from the important tasks that actually make a difference? (p. 57)
  • Leadership Lesson #20: Fill-in-the-Blank Templates to Free Up Your Workday - I’ll show you when to use these and why. All you need to do is fill-in-the-blanks so you can free up your work day to focus on leadership. 
  • Leadership Lesson #21: Get 2 Project Management Frameworks, how to use them, and when to use each so that you can set and accomplish big picture goals faster. 
  • Leadership Lesson #22: Why You Should Constantly Test Ideas (and how to do it) so that you can come up with the solutions and impact your organization will value the most.
  • Leadership Lesson #23: Do This to Increase Your Output by 31% without having to add anything else to your workday. 
  • Leadership Lesson #24: Use this 14 Day Advancement Blueprint to land your next promotion in as little as 2 weeks (disclaimer: promotions are case dependent so I can’t guarantee this will work in 2 weeks but it will put you on the fast track). 
  • Leadership Lesson #25: Why You Shouldn’t Wait for the “Go Ahead” and the #1 reason that it’s better to ask for forgiveness, not permission when it comes to taking on your new leadership role. 
  • Leadership Lesson #26: Low Risk vs. High Risk Decisions and why making “low risk” decisions without asking your boss moves your career forward faster. 
  • Leadership Lesson #27: What If You Made a 633,000% ROI Decision for Your Organization? It would be pretty hard not to promote you, wouldn’t it? Follow the case-study in Chapter 8 to see how you can make a bigger impact. 
  • Leadership Lesson #28: How to Handle Mistakes - Just a few mistakes can change how you’re perceived as a leader. Fix your mistakes with this method and you won’t have to worry about them any more (p. 81). 
  • And much, much more as you learn how to make a massive impact in your organization so that you can move into a Director position (or above). 

Section 3: Building Teams

“If You Want to Go Far, Go Together.”
  • Leadership Lesson #29: The 2x Multiplier Effect that Doubles Team Productivity - If you already work with or on a team and you only implement this, you can double productivity and get recognized for it. 
  • Leadership Lesson #30: 4 Steps to Maximize Talent and how to follow each step that allows you to get the most out of your team. 
  • Leadership Lesson #31: Do This to Create an Inspiring Workplace where people actually want to work. This is how you’ll build a team full of people who actually want to “be there.”
  • Leadership Lesson #32: What to Do When Projects Aren’t Going Well (this works for tasks too) and a 3 step process you can use to be an inspiration when team members are struggling. 
  • Leadership Lesson #33: 3 Easy Steps to Avoid Micromanagement - Just follow these steps and you can get over the feeling that “I’m the only one who can get this done correctly.”
  • Leadership Lesson #34: 5 Leadership Mistakes NEVER TO MAKE in 1-on-1 Meetings and the blueprint you’ll use to have better conversations and increase the motivation of your team.
  • Leadership Lesson #35: How to Get Your Personal Time Back and why you don’t need to be available all the time to be a great leader. 
  • Leadership Lesson #36: Getting it Right “The First Time” so that you won’t have to go back and re-do work that your team has done (this is an essential skill most leaders lack, so they end up spending 3-4x more time working than they need to). 
  • Leadership Lesson #37: A Delegation Blueprint you can use to make the process of determining “who can do what” fast and easy.
  • And much, much more as you learn how to build a motivated team that “buys in” to your goals and mission. 

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How to Take Control of Any Meeting

Here's How Top Employees Across the Globe Are Taking Control of Their Careers and Not Letting Senior Leaders Push Them Around in Meetings
Are you tired of having endless meetings that get nothing accomplished? Tired of having your good ideas stolen or shot down before you've even had a chance to completely share them?

I’ll walk you through exactly how to run effective meetings that get results versus having the HiPPOs (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) run everything, telling people what to do.

Research shows that over 50% of meetings people attend are a waste. This bonus will show you how to break that trend and deliver more value at work.
In this training we'll go through step by step the process you need to take control of every meeting. This process will not only take stress out of your daily life but help you produce solutions that are far superior to your peers. Helping you stand out as a leader in your organization.

Bonus #2:
How to Measure Your Success with the Right KPIs

How to Stop Letting Your Boss Subjectively Measure Your Effectiveness And Hold You Back from The Promotions You Deserve
The best way to get ahead is to articulate your value to the organization. Very few employees can communicate the value they bring to an organization through data.

It’s easy for us to see how good we are at our jobs. But when you work in an organization that has hundreds or even thousands of employees, the data is what truly sets you apart.

In this training, you’ll learn the proper use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help you show your boss all the benefits you’re bringing to the corporation.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Set yourself up for success by measuring your impact to your organization today!

Bonus #3:
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If you’re ready to creating a brand new life for yourself, your family, and those around you. Get the house, the car, the vacations, the pay, the bonuses, and the success and respect you deserve….

My latest book, The Dynamic Corporate Leader Method, can show you exactly how to get there. 

Getting the success and respect you deserve happens when you learn the proper mindset and come in taking ownership of your career each day...

Getting the pay and bonuses you deserve is possible when you provide a massive impact to your organization. Remember, businesses exist to make money. When you help them make more, YOU WILL be rewarded...

And you will get the freedom and free time you desire because you’ll learn to cut out the extra bullshit each day that keeps you providing a massive impact… especially if you do it the way I'm about to show you.

I believe these are just a few of the many reasons why The Dynamic Corporate Leader Method will help you land that next promotion, get the pay, bonuses, benefits, and the success and respect you deserve.

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